It’s Been a While…

This month I am celebrating two years since beginning my journey as a writer (even as I write this it’s making me tear up a bit). I can hardly believe it’s been two years since the idea for Remaining Aileen was birthed, her first words were written and her story was set into motion. Since it has been since December of 2015 that I last posted, we have some catching up to do!

Not much other than writing happened after December 2015, until August 2016 when I wrote the words “The End” for the first time. I had completed the first draft of my very first novel Remaining Aileen. Tears were definitely shed. I never thought I was a writer, let alone a writer who would write a whole novel. Finishing my first draft was a wonderful feeling, I still cry thinking about it. (I even printed out the whole entire thing, 350-something pages, AND did a mini “newborn” photo shoot/birth announcement.) It’s somewhere on Instagram.

After finished draft one I ran off to a yoga retreat in Tahoe for some much needed rest then came back home to a whole new world of writing- revising! Wow is revising different than writing draft one. In fact it was downright terrifying. Every word I changed or paragraph I added/removed, I worried I was ruining it. My sweet first novel, just a baby and here I am slicing and changing and discarding thousands of words. So many changes, so much fear, but the story was becoming so much better. The lines were flowing better than before, my intentions were reading through to others. It was magical and I quickly learned to appreciate the revising process.

December 31, 2016 I reached my second “The End” of draft two, which I changed to a “To Be Continued…” First because the story will go on for two more books, second because while revising you really shouldn’t say “The End” until you’re edited, done and ready for print (just my opinion).

January 1, 2017 I emailed my second draft to my most amazing editor Amberly for a manuscript evaluation. Having a manuscript evaluation done was the best choice I could have made for this book. Amberly took it, read it, made countless wonderful notes on how to improve this or that. She then wrote me a seven page report on her findings and passed it on back to me. This helped me see the story’s weak points, plot holes, where the characters could use more development and what not. It gave me fuel for my next round of revisions which brings us to present day, March 2017. At the end of this month, Remaining Aileen will head back over to Amberly to be edited, scrubbed down and (fingers crossed) one step closer to querying.

Thank you for sticking around and for following my journey into becoming a writer. I have found so much support and love along the way and will be forever grateful for that. My Facebook writer page is about to reach 500 followers and to celebrate that as well as my two year anniversary as a writer, I will be posting a meet and greet sort of thing with Aileen and her family, Phil, Imogene, Davina and her mother in law Ana.