Whirlwinds and Muses

It’s December, how did that happen? My house looks like Santa barfed the North Pole everywhere, the air is crisp and cold, and there is a constant fire burning in my wood stove (no that’s not an innuendo). We’ve had our first winter snow storm and last I checked it’s not winter yet. Things are looking good for the end of the year. Now let’s play a game of catch-up so you can know what’s been going on with my life.

End of July I lost my mind, put my novel on hold, and joined the theater. I dedicated the next few months of my life to the role of Honey in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. This didn’t help me reach my September deadline for finishing draft one of my novel, however it was exactly what I needed to reset and refresh my mind. In the middle of all this, I turned 30. It’s not so bad. The play wrapped end of October, so to make up for my missed deadline I hopped on board the NANOWRIMO train for the month of November. (If you don’t know what that is go here: www.nanowrimo.org it’s pretty cool) Well November is over, I did not “win” NANOWRIMO but I didn’t lose either! I logged almost 10k words for the month and I think it’s okay to be proud of that.

Alright, back to December, let’s chat about goals. Goals are great, but I tend to set them and…?… (That’s about as far as I get.) Writing has been different for me though, I may not reach all my crazy goals but I haven’t given up yet. I’m realizing how much time and energy writing takes from me and everyday I’m learning how to balance that within my life. (Remember I have three kids and a Husband who I like, and a dog… the cat moved to Grandmas, #sorrynotsorry)

I get emotional when I think about my novel, like really emotional. Overwhelmed to where I cry out to my muse “Why me? I’m not a writer!” But due to the very strange and curvy path (remember that Parks and Rec episode I mentioned in my very first post?) which birthed my novel, I hold to a strange certainty that I am supposed do this, this story chose me. So, since this is my current “calling” I know if each day I sit down and type word after word my goals will be reached (when that will be is the question). I’ve learned in my short 9 months as a self proclaimed writer, a story can not be forced. If you let it, your story will take on a life of its own and grow in it’s own time. And, like a child if loved and nurtured well, will most likely grow up into a super awesome adult. I will continue to set goals for myself but I will also allow my story the time it needs to grow properly. I look forward to what the new year might bring (hopefully a finished first draft!).