Carabiners and Expectations

My apologies for not posting last weekend, but I have been stuck at the base of a mountain so to speak and I finally made it to the summit! There are still many valleys and peaks to go but I’m proud of this one so I have to share it (don’t worry, no spoilers).

The very first scene I wrote back in March was this crazy action packed, pivotal moment in Aileen’s life. Terribly written I must say, but the intent was there. So, I moved on to start at the beginning and left that scene with a “till we meet again” and a tip of the hat.  10k+ words later we met back up at chapter 7. It wasn’t the happy reunion I’d hope for. I thought we’d pick up where we left and run off together harmoniously to THE END. It became a stumbling block and a huge puzzle I needed to solve to move my story forward.

The intent I had before was not longer fitting to the story and very little was salvageable. I put it on the back burner once again and distracted myself with revising the first few chapters. I tweaked stuff here and there, made sure it was still flowing all while hoping chapter 7 would fall into place. Really I was procrastinating because chapter 7 obviously wasn’t going to write itself. So, I “writered” up and started reworking the chapter one word at a time. Before I knew it the scene and all its intentions made its way out to the mighty page. It still has growing to do but I sat down, dedicated myself to my story, and I couldn’t be happier with where it’s taking me (before you think I’m off my rocker read, “It’s Alive”). When you get to those mountains in your story the best thing you can do is gear up and climb. The view from the top will amaze you.

I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I am very excited to share Remaining Aileen with you. It’s hard for me to not tell you every little thing each step of the way, but I love you too much to let that happen. I also love my story too much to let it out before it’s ready. Mark my words though, as soon as it’s ready, you’ll know!

Check in next weekend and we’ll talk about how I’m finding my voice (or more like how it’s finding me)!