Name Fit For… A Novel

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen or responded to my many laments and questions regarding titles. Thank you for all the input and advice, it has greatly helped shape my decision. The final choices were, Dying to be 30 and Remaining Aileen.

Having a strong title for my book is important, I assume it’s important to any writer really. I want the title for my novel to draw you in, really make you wonder what the pages inside hold. I want it to have a sense of mystery, but also have a feel for what the book might be about. This may be too much to ask from a title, but I like to aim high (can’t hurt right?).

So, drum roll please, without further ado I’m proud to introduce the official working title of my very first novel, Remaining Aileen. *Insert firework show here*

Becoming a mom has been such an incredible life change for me. Over the last 5 years I have poured everything I am into my children. I realized though, I was hiding myself behind this new identity in the process. Instead of integrating who I was before motherhood with my new role, I was focused only on my identity as a mom. Once I woke up to this, I’ve found it to be such a fun, exciting, sometimes frustrating journey of getting reacquainted with who I am now. This is what Remaining Aileen is about. What happens when circumstances in life (good or bad) change us and will there be any part of our old selves remaining in the end?

I’m leaving this a little open ended because I’d hate to share too much about Aileen’s adventures at this time. However, I couldn’t be more excited to finish this novel so I can share it with all of you!