It’s Alive!

My novel talks to me, makes its own decisions, and it just might walk out on me if I don’t give way to it’s wants. Then again, I might be crazy.

As creatives, artists, writers (place in title of choice) we are creators. We don’t just make things, we pull from the depths of our soul, breathing life into all we do. The question is, are we letting our creations live their own lives?

I start with an idea, structure it as best I can (I’m not the most structured person), and let the magic happen while I eat bon bons on the couch. Just kidding, creating is a lot of work! Guiding, shaping, learning what my creation wants to become, and denying my control freak tendencies in the process.

I’ll say it again, it’s imperative to have a solid outline. I need to know where I’m going with an idea. But, I also need to let myself get lost and wander a little between the points. This is where my characters surprise me and start living their own lives. (It’s quite exciting really). I believe if I make my characters real enough, they’ll become people I want know, be friends with, maybe even hate. Once I have that relationship, they become people I trust and want to listen to. To see my story take on it’s own life is something I’ve never experienced before (You know, this being my first novel and such). I even changed the entire end of my book, all because of what my characters wanted.

Aside from knowing where I’m going (basically) and allowing my characters to be my guide, I also have to put an immense amount of trust in myself. This is not an easy thing for me to do. (If its easy for you, please share your secret!) Self doubt and fear seem to go hand in hand with creativity. I’ve never written a novel, never written anything really, so I find myself in a constant battle thinking, “What in the world am I doing?” But I’m doing it! I’m diving head first into this new adventure (And I hope you’ll all stay along for the ride).  

So, go! Be creators! Give life to something and let your characters guide you to awesome.