My Inspiration and I

I’m turning 30 this year. Kind of a big awesome deal, so remember that when September 10th comes around *wink wink*. I have been married to the most wonderful guy for almost 8 years. If you go from when we started dating, 13 years. (We met at summer camp, cute right?) Together we made 3 amazing humans and I swear to society, I will do my best to raise them as loving, kind, and compassionate people.

Why I’m writing a book. I saw an episode of Parks and Rec where the town was divided on whether or not the book, Twilight, should be allowed in the town’s time capsule. I had never read or seen Twilight, holding hard to the idea it was probably lame (Sorry Stephenie, hang with me). Will Forte’s character was describing to Leslie Knope the opening scene of the first book and while Pawnee wasn’t sold on ‘Twilight’ I was hooked.


Long story short, I fell in love with The Twilight Saga (Books and Movies). This lead me to the question, what if I was a vampire? What would that be like being a wife and mom? Which in turn lead to me to the premise of what will be my first novel.

It’s about Aileen, wife and mom of 2, who is mysteriously the sole survivor of a plane crash. Not long after strange things begin to happen: her senses become heightened, food loses all taste, and sleep doesn’t seem to be necessary. Without having to eat or sleep and an unexplainable super strength, a mom can get a lot done. Aileen the Super Mom! Then it happens, her heart stops beating, she gets cravings she can’t control or satisfy, along with dark thoughts no mom should think. The only thing helping her through her day is coffee, lots of coffee, and occasionally alcohol. Can she keep herself and her family together as she discovers the truth of her survival?


Originally I was going to write this as a screenplay. Check back next week for why I choose to write it as a novel.